Rhyzer vs Rhyzm - what's the difference?

Rhyzer and Rhyzm are Joola's two most popular rubbers, and at first, it may be hard to tell the difference between them, so this blog will go over what the differences are, and which one is best for you!

The Rhyzer series is Joola's newest lineup of rubbers. The new technology in Rhyzer makes the rubbers both grippier and springier than the Rhyzm series, meaning that Rhyzer rubbers have a longer trajectory and slightly higher throw than the Rhyzm rubbers.

This means the Rhyzm series offers more control, and powerful shots require more acceleration. The rubbers are more unreactive, which adds a lot of control in the short game and provides a very stable and consistent feeling in general, especially when accelerating. The Rhyzm series is a great balance between power and control. 

The Rhyzer rubbers allow for power under any circumstance. Even when under pressure, it will feel effortless to add power to your shots thanks to new technology developed specifically for the plastic balls. Due to the nature of the topsheet and how it compliments the sponge, you will find that even when you play with massive power, your shots will still sink down deep onto the table due to the increased spin. Many professional players use Rhyzer due to its exceptional performance. 


The main photo compares the Rhyzm series to each other and the Rhyzer series to each other. Go check out one of these products on our online shop now for even more details! 

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