Taking care of your new Table Tennis racket

Congratulations on your purchase! Here's some tips to ensure your paddle lasts the longest time without having to replace the rubber sheets.


  1. After playing with the paddle, clean both sides of the paddle with damp cloth or specialty cleaner. Cleaners contain a mild detergent which lifts grease and dirt off the rubbers and will keep the surface sticky or tacky for longer. If you use pimples then use a cleaner and a soft nail brush to clean the pimples.
  2. Cover the rubbers with rubber foils after cleaning, allowing the rubbers to completely dry first. Covering rubbers when they are damp can result in the color bleaching out of a rubber. This is usually temporary.
  3. Store the paddle in a case.  Best to use a case which does not rub against the edges of the paddle when inserting and removing from the case as this can cause unsightly chips in the rubber.
  4. Use a Grinder to sand the top of the handle where you hold the racket. Sand it until it is completely comfortable to hold with no sharp edges which could cause a callus.
  5. Never leave a paddle in direct sunlight for extended periods as this can cause the rubbers to oxidize and lose their grip
  6. Never leave a paddle in the trunk of a car or truck as cold or hot temperatures can also cause the rubbers to oxidize and lose their grip
  7. Keep your paddle indoors, in its case at room temperature.

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