JOOLA TPE Fight Blade
JOOLA TPE Fight Blade

JOOLA TPE Fight Blade

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Very offensive 5+2 ply blade
Unique Aramid fiber increases the sweet spot and reduces vibration
Suitable for aggressive mid/far distance player
Fastest blade in the TPE series
A special type of Aramid fiber blade - Only the highest quality material is used to produce the TPE Fight. The Kevlar Carbon is placed directly on the core of the blade, which gives this blade great feeling, stability, and an enlarged sweet spot. The extremely quick blade allows heavy topspin balls to be played with spin. This blade provides a long trajectory with medium arc. Dynamic speed changes are possible when playing long spin rallies.

Vibration: Low

Touch: Extra Hard

Veneer: 7

Composition: Hinoki Nature, Koto, Kevlar Carbon, Ayous Nature

Playstyle: Off / Off+

Technology: Aramid Fiber

Head Size: 156mm x 151mm

Thickness: 5.9mm