Joola Aruna Off Plus

Joola Aruna Off Plus

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Faster version of the Rossi Emotion (or Aruna Off)
  • Offensive 5+2 ply blade
  • Carbon fiber veneers creates an increase sweet spot and reduced vibration
  • Suitable for Suitable for offensive players
  • Design was based on the best-selling Rosskopf Force
This is the faster and more aggressive version of the new Aruna Off. It has the basic attributes of the Aruna Off, but with a thicker Kiri core and denser Carbon Veneer. The basic attributes of feeling and controllability are maintained.

Vibration: Medium

Touch: Hard

Veneer: 5

Composition: : Hinoki Nature, Carbon, Kiri 

Playstyle: Off / Off+ 

Technology: Carbon

Head Size: 155mm x 151mm 

Thickness: 6.3mm 

Weight: 90g 

Table Tennis Paddle